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Victory Octane 2016 Mayhem

scoutmayhemfin 005.JPG
2016/2017 Victory Octane Mayhem. If your looking for more power for your Octane, the Octane Mayhem is what you need. Our Mayhem & AMS combo will add approx. 17 horsepower over stock, with more torque and instant throttle response across the entire powerband..... the Mayhem with HP collector turns your Octane into a powerhouse and is not recommended for wienies!
For those who want added power but with a quieter tone, our new Baffled collector is now an option and is a good balance between power & quieter exhaust note. Our baffled collector is 5 decibels quieter. Our Turnout collector can be special ordered for the Octane Mayhem. Made in USA
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Victory Octane 2016 Mayhem
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