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Harley Davidson Dyna 2006 & Up Track-Tuned Header

Hacker Custom Exhaust Track-Tuned 2 into 1 Header systems for the '2006 & up Harley "Dyna" line of motorcycles incorporate the same advanced performance technology that has set HackerPipes aside from the crowd since their inception. These systems come in show quality chrome or black hi-temp ceramic coating, with a slash cut tip, and provide unsurpassed performance from 3000 to 6500 rpm. Custom finishes(as shown above) are available at an additional cost. See options page for more info. and pricing.
Harley Davidson Dyna 2006 & Up Track-Tuned Header

Please use the drop down menus to choose your standard options. On the checkout page there will be a text field where you may add any special requests not listed here(additional charges may apply).
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