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Indian Chief Warheader 2014-16

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Our War-Header fits 2014-2017 Indian Chief Dark Horse, Vintage & Classic. Our War-header adds a deep meaty sound that is not overly loud, decibel level is 93 dbs (stock pipes are 80 decibels), our War-Header is sound legal for most states & countries. The Muffler has our "Step Tuned" chambered insert for MAX power with "Snap to" midrange that enables quick acceleration and optimum passing power, this makes riding Chief even better with the added power & sound. Made in the USA
Our War-Header requires our AMS fuel control module, or Dobeck's EJK module, both of these modules come with the 02 sensor bypass connectors.
We also offer the War-Header in a stubby version, some like long & quiet, some short & loud, The Stubby War-Header has more off the bottom & mid range with instant response, wheelspin will happen, so the Stubby is recommended for experienced riders! The long version has smoother power with the same HP, but comes on smoother. Long Version 93 decibels, Stubby is 103 decibels. Both versions work great with the stage II cams. Please use the pull down menu to pick your finish options.
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Indian Chief Warheader 2014-16
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