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Indian Scout Slip-Ons 2014-16

Indian Scout Performance Slip-on mufflers, fits 2015 thru 2018 Indian Scout, Scout 60 & the new Scout Bobber. Choice of all chrome, all black, chrome with black hollow point tips, black with chrome hollow point tips. Check out our Video on our Facebook page or on You Tube! Our Slip-ons come with our Tuned Chambered inserts for MAX power, These are the same as we use in our Indian War-Headers. Quiet option inserts are available which drops the Db level down to just about 95. Our Slip-ons bolt right up to the stock mounting bracket, makes for an easy install. Made in the USA Please be aware of the fact that our Slip-ons add a great deal of power, our slip-ons were rated #1 in comparison Dyno testing, your bike will need an AMS fuel control module to give the correct air/fuel ratio. Our Slip-ons are Louder with far more power than the Indian brand Slip-ons....Here is the rundown: Stock pipes 80 decibels, Indian brand Slip-ons 82 decibels, Our quiet option is 95 Decibels and our Slip-ons with HP tuned inserts are 103 decibels. Our Scout Slip-ons now come standard with our new billet tips
billet tips 001.JPG
Indian Scout Slip-Ons 2014-16
599.00 495.00 On Sale!
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