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Harley Davidson Bagger 99/2016 MAYHEM

***HOT-HOT-HOT, Rave reviews, lots of power, very responsive with a deep tone, and KILLER LOOKS!***
Will fit your 99-2016 Bagger, RoadKing, Ultra-Classic, Street-Glide, etc. Check out our design on the headpipes with our Mayhem collector, our Mayhem will give your bike a total Custom look. The Mayhem comes standard with black ceramic pipes with black heat shields, but other finish options are available. Made in USA The Mayhem has hard hitting power that starts right off idle and rips into the mid range and top end, great for the riders who carry extra gear. Style and power all at a great price! 2007-2009 have the 18mm 02 Bungs welded in.
Our Mayhem now has 2 choices of collectors, either HP for max power, this collector has a small baffle for just enough back pressure for a wide hard hitting powerband, or our baffled collector, this cuts the noise level, but still allows good power.
Please specify year when ordering
NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE 2010 - 2016 BAGGER'S with the 12mm 02 ports!. for the 2014 - 2016 models, changing the stock air cleaner is required, we recommend the Heavy Breather that comes stock on the SE/CVO models.
We Highly recommend using our AMS Fuel tuner for proper Air/fuel ratio, this is critical for our High performance exhaust, please see our AMS description.
While the Mayhem comes standard in Black, chrome is also an option.
00A0A_iGM93G2NyRW_600x450 Click image to see the Mayhem in a different view...
Harley Davidson Bagger 99/2016 MAYHEM

Use our customer text box for other information or comments. Use the pull down menu for finish options
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