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Victory Rippers Hammer/Jackpot 05-07

***There is a video of our Rippers on You tube, look under Hacker Exhaust***
or check out this video....
Victory "Rippers" custom curved pipes for your Hammer'or Jackpot. These fit 2005 thru 2007. Hacker Custom Exhaust Rippers have been dyno proven to provide more than 10 horsepower over stock and they by far outperform Victory's Swept pipes (Victory's Swept pipes & X pipes LOOSE power! Har-har). Rippers include heatshields, tuned mini inserts that are removable and the Rippers are the easiest exhaust to install you can get, NO FRAME CUTTING!, they bolt right up to the stock bracket. Made in USA
Quiet option inserts are now available for an added $30.00 a set!
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Victory Rippers Hammer/Jackpot 05-07

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