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Harley Davidson Bagger 94-up Slip On Exhaust

Our performance Slip-On exhaust systems are offered in Black ceramic muffler with Chrome or Billet tips, they fit all Harley touring model yrs 94 thru 2016. Our slip-ons have a TUNED Chamber design that offers uncompromising power throughout the power band. In slip-on vs slip-ons dyno testing, our pipes have proven to outperform any other manufacturer's. The other manufacturers talk about performance, "we deliver performance". TAKE THE HACKER CUSTOM EXHAUST CHALLENGE, "IF OUR SLIP-ONS DO NOT PROVIDE MORE POWER THAN YOUR CURRENT SLIP-ONS, THEN WE WILL GIVE YOU $100.00"! Contact sales to find out more about this offer. Our slip-ons fit onto the stock head pipes, keeping the look of the stock exhaust but increasing horsepower and torque up to 20 percent over stock. Exhaust note: these have a deeper tone and are just slightly louder than V&H Monster ovals & Rhinehart slip-ons. They come with your choice of our 2 different tuned inserts, Horsepower or or Quiet option that is now very popular This is a very easy way to get really good performance out of your Harley. Made in USA. Our slip-ons include mounting bolts and stainless clamps. We also offer a quiet option for our Slip-ons. Our quiet option tuned inserts are approx 94-95 decibels, our standard H-P tuned inserts are approx 103 decibels, (stock pipes are 80, and open straight pipes are in the low 120s). Made in USA
These now come with our Billet tips: billet tips 001.JPG Click picture tp see a close up....
Harley Davidson Bagger 94-up Slip On Exhaust

Please use the drop down menus to choose your standard options. On the checkout page there will be a text field where you may add any special requests not listed here
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