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Ronnie: Having run my 2014 Indian Chief Vintage with your short version of the Indian Chief Warheader for the last month, I can only describe the performance as fantastic! The Warheader looks great, sounds great and the performance is something else! Together with the AMS and coupled with Indian Motorcycle Stage 2 cams and an S and S Air Intake system, my bike is a beast. I run side-by-side with Harley Davidson 110 cu. in. CVO's and I've yet to have anything outrun me. The exhaust note is a deep rumble that makes the Indian sound like a real motorcycle should sound. With gentle or hard full-on acceleration or throttle off deceleration there's no popping and it runs as smooth as glass. In 4th, 5th, and 6th gear roll-ons, I can't be beat. When I pull up to a traffic light, I get a lot of looks and a lot of compliments on the Warheader. I'll doing everything I can to get the word out. Having ridden almost 44 years, I can say there's no pipe that compares with the one you've engineered. Thanks again for all your assistance. Regards, Richard Y Tallahassee, Florida
Just installed my new Hacker Mayhem pipes on my Victory Octane. All I can say is WOW! They sound freaking awesome! They also make the bike look really tough. Now the bike runs and sounds as great as it looks. Would like to thank you all for the great service and quick responses to my questions. Looking forward to riding with some friends now. Thanks again!! Gary B
Ronnie, Your pipes rock, here are some pics, feel free to use if you like.
I'd like to thank you guys for all your help. The pipes look and sound great! I've attached a couple pictures for you.
I will be taking a lot of pictures soon and I'll send you some. I will also post on the forums and sing praises. Keep doing what you are doing, you are a true craftsman and you obviously understand what a header is supposed to do.
Bob E
Image.jpg I've got a couple friends looking for cool exhaust solutions and i will be doing my best to send them your way. Once again Guys, thanks so much for your efforts. It's a pleasure to deal with your company and I will be your customer for quite some time.
Thanks again Troy.
thanks Steve from omaha nebraska. 0609111842.jpg
I finally got the parts to rejet Mikuni and put it all together last night. The bike fired right up and seems to run on the bench fine per your jetting recommendations. Going to take it out for a spin this morning. The bike sounds awesome!
I am taking it to a couple bike rallies in the next few weeks so your exhaust will get some Pa. exposure. I am dealing on another Chief now so if the deal goes through I will be in touch for another exhaust. Its nice to know that there are still some true AMERICAN craftsman out there that take pride in their work. Thanks for building a great exhaust system for my Indian. Good luck in the future.
Galen S
> > Pipes came last Friday. Installed pipes, Anger management system and reassembled bike. Motor fired right up and sounds great. The pipes look great and no cutting of the frame. I know of others with RPW pipes that had to cut the frame and it just looks bad. I was concerned that the two pipe radius would not line up , but they did. The quality is excellent.
PK jackpot.JPG
love the sound-
most of my riding in on the pilot jet but it's making an insane amount of power at 75 in fourth
I'm at about 6500 miles on a motor that's stamped july 5, 02 [yeah, not jus any friday...]
I got it in june with 2400+ on it
eventually it'l go to JAM ltd. but I'm gonna see how far I can get out of it
just wanted to say thanx again
mike central texas
Attached is a picture of my Hacker Mayhems installed on my 2002 Indian Spirit. I purchased this exhaust from you in February of this year. They sound awesome and turn heads everywhere I ride. I also own a 2003 Indian Chief and a 2001 Indian Scout. My plans are to add Hacker exhaust systems to these also. Just not sure which systems to choose��decisions, decisions�� Thanks!
Mark G
Thank You, Steve
Albany, New Hampshire U.S.A.
Here is a Pic of your pipe on my bike (feel free to use it on your site or share with customers wanting to see a Fatboy with the Warheader. Tuned the bike a little more and took it out on the highway. Holy Crap. You were right. This pipe kicks ass over the Thunderheader from 3k up. 60 to 90 in 4th gear goes by in a heartbeat. Wow. Thanks for the good advice and great pipe. Rob
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that my exhaust piece fit well,and sounds great! It sounds and performs exactly to the degree I was looking for. Thank you for building this piece for my outdated bike.
Sincerely, Paul H.
Just wanted to say thank you for the great pipes and sound. It took me and one of the guys from my unit two hours start to finish (Zoomies & AMS). Great product, great military discount and easy to install.
Respectfully, Ray
I called yesterday about the Mayhem pipes on my '10 Bagger. The changes you had me make in the AMS worked perfectly. The bikes screams down the road. I'll likely be buying another set of pipes for my wife's 2010 HD Fat Boy Lo in the near future. I could not be happier. Thanks for everything. I'll send pictures when I get back from my business trip.
Regards, Todd
I just had to call, I don't normally call manufacturers, but the exhaust, (Bagger Stepped Tru-Duels) I got from you performed better than you said they would. Most manufactures exaggerate power claims, your pipes are the only ones tested that put out really big power gains, and we have tested 6 other brands, Including the D&D fatcat & Samson. My 95" twin cam wheelies in first and second gear and sounds like a built small block Chevy. Great Job, we will be selling your Exhaust!
Rich, Road Wolf Cycles
Just wanted to say thanks for my 05 victory hammer ripper pipes. They fit like a glove , sound great and provide a little more grunt.
Thanks again dave
I purchased the suzuki m109 Mayhem and installed them today. they are fantastic! I would like to order the anger management EFI control for the m109.
thanks cj
Ronnie, Just had to say I just finished installing the pipes, finally got a day off. And they sound great and I can't believe the increase in power.
Thanks again, Brian W
Hey Ryan , The pipes are here and I got 'em on . I've got the track tuned core in right now - sounds good . Install went fine. It'll be next week before I can get back to the dyno. I'll up date you then. Nice product.
Pass my thanks on to Ronnie.
Ernie C
I just had my new Rippers installed yesterday. They are incredible. I couldn�t be happier. I got them installed just in time for a Patriot Guard Welcome Ride last night for a soldier who just returned home from Iraq. They had a huge welcome home in the town square. I almost missed the escort ride, they were just about to pull out onto the street and one of the guys told them to wait because he could hear another bike was coming. Here is a link to the story in the local paper, there is a video too if you have a high speed connection.
Anyway if you want I will email you some pictures of my bike with the rippers on them. Thanks again great product.
Mark B
Pass this on to Ronnie.
the best pipes ever..... i love them, when im cong down the road people look up before they look at me......they think im a jet flying over head..... and with your fuel management system as well can you say "land shark" or as i like to call it the harley raper!!!! hahhahahah keep up the good work
Shane B
(i took your tuning advice on the fuel management, tweaked the bike just right, now it really ripps.... i had to put my custom Les Paul guitar in one of those pics, they look good together... they both ripp hard hahhaha)
Hey Ryan
I have just returned to work from 2 months leave[bummer].The pipes are great.The War-Header made a huge difference to the performance of the bike.I will send you a photo in the near future. Hope all is well with you.
Regards Peter
I have to tell you your pipes got a lot of attention at Yamaha Day yesterday at Englishtown Drag Strip in New Jersey, everone said how great they looked and wanted to know who made them and where they could buy a set, I told them that you were the first company that made the True Duals for the Roadstar. I told them to checkout your web-site or give you a call, I gave them your phone number. Hopefully I generated some business for you. these pipes look great on my Bike.
Thanks Larry
I received and installed my War header and I'm very pleased....badass exhaust! Unfortunately I also wrecked my bike over the weekend and totally jacked 'em up. Long story short, I need a new set.
Thanks, Mike
I just want to send a thank you for providing pipes for Victory motorcycles. I had my pipes installed this Wednesday (11/05/08) by J&W in Washington, MO, and they are great! We live in St. Louis, but Dan at J&W had a set of yours which clinched the deal by allowing us to check them out. I have an '07 Kingpin with 16,000 miles -- the last 75 miles which I put on this week after getting my pipes was awesome!! (I had an '03 883 Sportser with straight pipes, and didn't realize how much I missed the extra "tone".) Thanks for making both the Joker and Ripper style for the Kingpins. We bought one of each, as shown in the picture. We are very happy and will help spread the word of being so. Keep up the great work!
Take care,
Jan and Connor
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