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On this page you will find numerous Dyno results for many of our exhaust systems. All Dyno charts are non-biased, and were submitted by customers or are here by courtesy of leading motorcycle publications.

Hacker Custom Exhaust 2into1 vs Stock

This Dyno test was run using our header with Quiet option tuned insert and open airbox at Tilly's Harley Davidson against stock on an 80" EVO. Compliments of Iron Works Magazine.

HackerPipes Slip-Ons vs Stock Victory

This comparison was done by Central Coast Cycles and reflects the difference our Slip-On mufflers make over Victory's stock exhaust on their 92" Freedom motor. The stock airbox with K&N airfilter was used for this comparison test along with a stage I remap. Notice the substantial increase while still utilizing the stock headpipes.

Racing Division Warhead-er Dyno Results

This was a test done by G&G Powersports on their 112" Big-Bore Victory Drag Bike using our Race Division Warhead-er exhaust. This system is for RACE APPLICATIONS ONLY! Our War-Header gave them 12 more Horsepower increase over their previous exhaust system for a total of 150 horsepower.

Hacker vs Ness in header to header comparison

This dyno comparison was done by Lloydz, notice the increase in the midrange torque on our header!!! this makes for VERY fast acceleration.

Hacker Custom Exhaust: Victory stepped Header vs stock

This Dyno test was run using our Stepped Track-Tuned header, AMS fuel module and modified stock airbox... Nearly 16 more horsepower over stock!!

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