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Hacker custom exhaust and power products LLC, is a world leader in aftermarket performance exhaust technology. Our goal is not to be the biggest manufacturer, but to provide the rider with the highest quality exhaust systems that have exceptional performance, sound, and style. Our Design engineer, Ronnie Hacker has over 40 years experience in riding, building high performance engines, and high performance exhaust systems. Combine his experience with some of our share holders and Hacker Custom Exhaust has nearly 60 years combined experience in performance exhaust. Hacker Custom Exhaust offers a variety styles for numerous motorcycle makes and models, all with performance built in. Hacker Custom Exhaust is the only exhaust manufacturer that allows the rider to choose power bands, finishes and tips, making the product suit the rider�s personality and overall look of their bike. All Hacker Custom Exhaust and are handmade in the USA and come with the best warranty in the market. Contact us to see how they can make your bike stand apart from the crowd in performance, sound, and styling.

OPINIONS: All opinions belong to the owners and are just our opinions. If you are a wimp, or just plain do not have any backbone, then please don't read any further, maybe riding bikes aint your thing. Much of this content is not to rant and rave but, to point out many observations made by an old school rider and builder who has seen our freedoms taken away, scum bag manufacturers that are just rip off artist, the decline of our government and the pure lack of testosterone in some of the riders out there.
It's not too late to turn this around!
Great topic with several point of views. Here is ours:
Our politicians are trying to get loud pipes off the road. Why? Because they interrupt cell phone conversations, putting on make up or any number of dumb ass reason why cage drivers are not paying attention. Loud pipes are the only way the idiots on their cell phones know that us bikers are on the road (I can't even count how many times I have been riding hard in the fast lane, and some dolt drifts into my lane right in front of me doing 30 mph slower then I am going!!!).
Politicians hear this: The public is tired of more useless F----- laws being passed. If you follow trends, then look at Germany from 1933-1945...Many laws were passed to control the people, then when the Allies won, they asked why did you allow this to happen?
What's next for us riders, castration, confiscation of our property, gas chambers?, that is what Germany did.
History repeats itself! and has for centuries, anytime governments become too powerful, unwanted secs are made to pay! This sounds extreme, however our government wants us bikers to go away, so expect more laws to be passed to take away our rights!
I thought America was "land of the Free, Home of the Brave'...what I see now is Land of the restrained, home of the spineless, thanks to our sh--y Government.
One thing needs to be said in fairness: Idiots who gun each other down in public...ARE FUCKING MAKING THESE LAWS HAPPEN. Wake Up! Your antics are destroying ALL riders rights.
We riders, are tired of getting Killed and maimed by Drivers who are lost in cell phone conversations, or not paying attention to the road. Do you think Green vest are REALLY going to stop riders from being run over...GET REAL.
Why don't you non riders stop regulating us riders and regulate yourselves.! You want to play fair; FAR More people are killed in car accidents than motorcycles. Pass helmet laws for all car and truck passengers. Pass sound regulations for all vehicles, planes, trains, trucks etc... BUT...(Bikers need loud pipes, leave us alone!) this includes LOUD stereos. No cell phones, a tach in every vehicle, no smoking, (by the way smokers cause more than their fare share of accidents by fishing for cigarettes, or a light. I too used to smoke!), no eating or drinking beverages while driving, (spill that hot coffee in your crotch and then WATCH your car weave all over the road!) So politicians, stop passing useless laws, and start monitoring yourselves, need I say that over 1/2 of Congress and Senators have DUI convictions!(Politicians.. YOU NEED TO REMEMBER THIS: "By the people for the people". Every law that is passed adds to the tax payers burden. We already have more than enough burden. Stop taking our freedoms, stop trying to regulate our bikes and stop wasting our hard earned tax dollars, the government is already taking too much of our hard earned money!!!
This is word that used to mean Trustworthy, a man of his word, it was an almost tangible thing, it used be, a mans word and hand shake were as good as gold. The word "Integrity" seems to have little or no meaning in the bike community anymore!....
Very few companies seem to actually have any INTEGRITY. We have shaken the hand of several business owners and signed legal docs to do business with some of these companies. We later found out that their handshake and their word totally worthless, the legal docs they signed were just mere a waste of our f----- time, and they had no intention of standing behind the promises they made, nor the contracts they signed. There are still several of these spineless POS's still in this industry, watch out for them, they are not only untrustworthy, but they are also sue happy. Watch out for Donk & Puston from SRVT, they are the most untrustworthy company we have ever come accross!
Here is how we want and like to do business: Place a PO, take delivery of said PO and then pay for what was ordered.
Sounds pretty simple eh?
Most V twins on the market today are air cooled just like they were since their inception about a hundred years ago. Back then the engines did not put out the power like they do now, heat was really not a serious problem. REMEMBER THIS: POWER CREATES HEAT: THE MORE POWER YOUR BIKE HAS, THE MORE HEAT IT GENERATES Our government in their so called wisdom has decided to make our air cooled V Twins run super lean so they do not pollute the air we breathe... BIG PROBLEM; These are air cooled engines. air cooled engines do not eliminate heat the way WATER COOLED ENGINES DO.
NOW; You want to add performance pipes on your V Twin that is already to lean, that means more heat! No problem for us as we know how to tune engines to the proper air/fuel mixture. PLEASE CONTACT US FOR ANY TUNING QUESTIONS. We offer our AMS for nearly all makes of bikes, which makes it super easy to set to 13.5 to 1 air/fuel mixture, plus we have jetted nearly every carb available.
We stand behind our product 100 percent, but if our instructions are not followed, and the bike is improperly tuned and the pipes blue, this is a direct tuning issue and not a Manufacturing defect. We have received dealer returns where the pipe has actually melted the headpipes, or burned off the ceramics. to burn of ceramics the exhaust temp has to go over 1800 degrees, a properly tuned engine will have head pipes temp at the heads about 600-700 degrees, no more. EVERY RIDER SHOULD LEARN THE BASICS OF TUNING THEIR ENGINES!!!! IF YOU HAVE ANY TUNING QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK US. We had one dealer send back pipes that were Blued all the way down past the collector, (IF YOU START SEEING BLUE THAT FAR DOWN, STOP, YOUR BIKE IS WAY TOO LEAN!), then the dealer told us that he tuned to 13.5 to 1 air/fuel mixture and the pipes turned really blue. The dealer sent us the dyno to prove where it was set. Funny thing is, the dyno had a date 9 months before the pipes were purchased, and it even stated it was a stock bike run. SO HEADS UP, SOME DEALERS ARE NOT CORRECTLY TUNING!
Better make sure the dealers ability to tune has improved before giving this shop your bike.
Most of our exhaust come standard with heatshields....heatshields are to protect your pants & leg from getting on the pipes.! SuzukimayhemHSoption Slapping on a fat set of blueshields to stop Bluing of the exhaust, is just a band-aid. Unless your bike has been properly tuned, chances are your bike is running far to lean and you can install all the blushields you want, the engine is going to perform lousy, and run excessively hot, and backfire... Besides that, a fat blueshield adds ZERO extra power, ask any racer or tuner. Heatshields are supposed to keep the heat from your pant leg, not cover up lean tuning issues....Hacker Custom Exhaust provides heatshields for all of our exhaust!
With over 7 million Americans out of work since Jan 08, we think its high time to STOP supporting the so called USA based companies that take their parts and have them built outside the United States. Some of the biggest names in the bike industry have their garbage built overseas...WHY? to line their pockets and increase their profit margin, (GREED!) they don't give a rats ass about our economy!
As far as we are concerned any USA company that sends their parts out to be built overseas is committing TREASON. There are FAR TO MANY CITIZENS THAT ARE OUT OF WORK OR HAVE LOST THEIR HOMES BECAUSE OF THIS PRACTICE...
We get offers all the time to have our products knocked off outside the USA, these overseas companies say it will increase our profits... Screw that..., we would rather have smaller profits and have more Americans working!!!
Hacker Custom Exhaust products are 100 percent USA built, this includes our finishes, (chrome & ceramics) in fact even our Machinery is USA built.
Hacker Custom Exhaust is a family owned and operated business. Our economy in the USA is built on small businesses, There is nothing wrong with that at all, in fact being a small business allows us to build exhaust with better performance than the big companies, plus we offer more custom options!. Being the biggest has never been our goal, our goal has been to provide the highest quality, best performing exhaust you can get!!
Hacker Custom Exhaust has been on the leading edge of design and technology for years; Our designer came up with the formula for proper stepping of exhaust over 25 years ago, and our Stepped exhaust systems are the best performing exhaust you can get. In the last 5 years most other exhaust companies have come out with stepped exhaust in some form or the other... big difference here...ours actually add performance. Case in point: Our Stepped Tru-Duels for H-D Toring models outperform Bub Rhineharts by over 12.8 horsepower on a 113" engine, this is a HUGE difference!
We are seeing more and more copies of our exhaust...the other manufacturers can copy the looks but they will never have the mid range power or the sound our pipes produce!!!!
Hacker Custom Exhaust was also the first company to come out with Slip-ons for the Indian PP-100 Chiefs, Designer heatshields, Graphics on ceramics, Standard non-stepped headers and then Stepped headers for Victory, real Tru-Duels for the Yamaha RoadStars, Real Tru-Duels for Victory's. In all cases some other company or companies, went to our website and saw what we had out and copied it. Now some hand rail bender in Oregon claims our Victory Tru-Duel design as his own and now we have a Victory dealer in Texas claiming OUR Tru-Duel design as theirs....But We designed and built them, so why not call what they are, HACKER CUSTOM EXHAUST Tru-Duels..
I feel the same about copycats as I do Thieves..
We know that everything gets copied sooner or later, but have some balls and don't claim something as your design when in fact it is not!
First and foremost "I don't ride a dyno, I ride a motorcycle"!
Having a big number on the dyno might be OK for bragging rights, but it does not tell the whole story, In most cases getting that big number on the dyno is actually sacrificing power where its most needed for street riding.
Truth is...
Most riders run their engines on a normal day between 2000rpms and MAYBE will hit 4500rpms. I spend a lot time on the road talking to riders, I get asked this all the time: "I spent a lot of $$$$ money on performance items for my bike and it doesn't feel any faster, how come?". I ask them to show me the dyno runs between stock and the performance mods they have done, then I ask them how they ride the bike. In almost all cases, the rider rides his bike at no more than 4500rpms, and there is a BIG HOLE in the mid range caused by the BIG name exhaust system they bought and their bikes power does not come on until they the engine is spinning at 4000rpms +, and in some cases they have less HP and torque in the mid range than their stock setup had. This is needless money spent!!!
When you are riding at normal HWY speeds or you need to accelerate, you need lots of MID range power and that is where Hacker Custom Exhaust puts the power. Most of our systems come with the Horsepower tuned inserts and power comes on REAL hard starting at 2600 Rpms and runs to past redline (Check out the dyno comparison on our Vic page, Hammer/Jackpot header), notice the 112 ftlbs of torque and how steep the torque curve is, now notice the lack of midrange on the V&H header.
You riders who like short shots, Big Shots or Long shots, whatever name the Manf. uses, are in for a VERY rude surprise, this style of exhaust is the poorest street pipe you can put on your bike... Iron works magazine tested our NOS header with our quiet option, Short shots lost 20 ftlbs of torque @ 3500rpms compared to our NOS header...THIS IS A 25 PERCENT DROP IN OVERALL PERFORMANCE AND THAT WAS ON AN 80" ENGINE, THE BIGGER YOUR ENGINE IS THE MORE POWER YOU LOOSE!...I guess you can brag that your bike is... SLOW.
Its our hard hitting torque curve with BIG numbers that provides plenty of power for passing or accelerating, or just plain fun riding, and isn't that what riding is about... 11821611_10206177961200277_568722725_o.jpg
This was originally going to be about dealers forcing riders to buy only what the dealer has in stock, as we have received many calls saying that the dealer can't get our product.. WHAT A CROC O SHIT!!!... Plus we have heard of dealers forcing riders to buy products that will not work properly just so the dealer can move whats on the shelf...
HOWEVER... Our President signed into law mandatory medical coverage, and increasing our tax base! As I recall we rebelled against England because of this very same thing! The fathers of our Country put their life on the line for our Freedom and wrote the Constitution, bill of rights and amendments to preserve our Freedoms. Our military has sacrificed their lives to keep our freedoms, and then our rights are being taken away. POLITICIANS YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT! It is time for every American to stand up and make our government accountable to US! . Our government is supposed to be "FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE"
It is no longer that, it now just politicians getting kickbacks for laws that break our constitutional rights. They line their pockets with our HARD Earned money, and have 3 million dollar retirement funds given to them at age 65, (they voted that for themselves some years back) they have not only TAKEN from us the Tax payers and backbone of this country, they have stripped the tax payers of social security benefits and are taxing the crap out of us... I SAY ENOUGH!.... Oh yeah Mr President where are those 5 million jobs you promised with clean coal? ... anyone who believed that line was a fool...
So.. What we got here is a talking President..he talks about doing this and talks doing that...but,...the fact is, he has done nothing to help the honest citizens of this country...this lack of action by nearly all of our politicians has to be changed and changed before we loose all of our freedoms and jobs!
Arnold S, the gov of California signed into law that after Jan 1st 2013, new bikes sold in California can have no aftermarket exhaust. It looks like Arnie pretty much fuc--- the dealers & riders.... What a Fuc--- turn coat... Arnie Why don't you just go back to sqeezin girls tits and weight lifting, as a politician you cave like a school girl under peer pressure. This is straight up discrimination against motorcyclist.!
I have been riding since I was 14 yrs old, (1969), It has been the main part of my life, and I have watched several marriages come and go, but I have never stopped riding or being involved in the motorcycle community... Boy, while motorcycles really haven't changed THAT much, t seems that a lot of the Riders attitudes have. All I can say is what happened? what...Did someone add too much estrogen to the gene pool in the last few years?
Used to be that exhaust systems didn't have heatshields, (in fact several manufacturers still build exhaust without heatshields,)and that was OK, Riders were tough. I remember my father riding his Electra-Glides, he was a salesman and many times he got home and his slacks were melted on the pipes. All he would say is "damn I gotta buy more slacks", while my brother and I snickered, we were just kids, our turn would come soon.. I never heard him or any TRUE biker say, I'm gonna sue Harley cause I burnt my my leg on the exhaust, That's F---- pussy shit. I still ride on occasion without putting on heatshields. WHY.... because I am old school and I am not scared of either a little burn or my pipes turning a little color, (My pipes seldom turn, because I know how to jet and map EFI systems)
I have seen way too many riders that have little or no balls, as soon as they have a problem, like backing into curb or damaging the exhaust, or the exhaust turns blue, etc. they hit the forums and cry like hell, they have no idea how to solve even a minor problem. Come on fess up, if it got screwed it up, deal with it.
Our Lifetime warranty doesn't cover Wrecks, Floods, Backing your bike into curbs, your girl friends melted high heels on the pipes, tipping your bike over and damaging your pipes or forgetting to tighten the mounting bracket and then the pipes fall off, or not mapping properly and burning off ceramics or bluing chrome. This is only a small sample of what riders have done to our pipes and expect us to give them a new set, no cost to the the rider.
Oh Yeah, motorcycle forums are full of idiots and self proclaimed "know it all's" that don't know shit and pass bad info onto you riders. Some rider on the Yamaha forums posted this..... You don't need to reject Hacker's Yamaha Tru-Duels, next thing you know.... We get a bunch of calls from riders saying that the pipes turned really blue under the heatshields and the engine is running way hot!
why this was posted is beyond us.
Here is another one we here all the time passed on these forums......Hacker's won't cover warranty if customer installed pipes...... That is NOT TRUE at all!!!! Anyone can install our exhaust and warranty is not void..... Again this is bad info is being posted by a rider who forgot to tighten his mounting brackets and his pipes fell off within 5 minutes.... Then he told US, he forgot to tighten his pipes. rule of thumb...install the exhaust and check the whole setup twice. We bend over backwards to help riders out and will go above and beyond our warranty to fix legitimate problems.
Its not like we are trying to hide any tuning...JEEZ, lets see, its on our instructions for the exhaust & AMS, plus its on our FAQ page (Twice), plus this page, plus our exhaust bluing page Plus our AMS page! You want to run with the BIG boys...act like one!
Now we are hearing about a few customers going to these forums and complaining about the lag time in shipping products...While we do apologize for the wait, read this before posting.... The motorcycle industry was hit hard due to the economy, we downsized in personnel to account for the slow sales. Last year we saw a modest increase in sales and our marketing team expected us this year to pick up approx 20 -30 percent more sales, so we planned for a 20-30 percent increase. BUT. Our Actual sales this year (2012) have been 300 percent + over last year and nearly 50 percent of the orders were for non stock options. We also only use USA made tubing and materials, Most manufacturers do not stock very much and getting our items which used to take days now has taken weeks....This put us in backlog, now those of you who understand business and manufacturing know with that kind of sales, there will be backlog. 2014 Update; Our manufacturing facility has been updated with more machines, our backlog has been greatly diminished WITHOUT the loss of our quality, PLUS we are squeezing even more power out of our products.
While were on this subject: Our Name is Hacker CUSTOM Exhaust, not Hacker Cookie cutter exhaust we do all kinds of non stock request, This includes finishes, Extra long mufflers, shorter mufflers, plus we build one off full custom exhaust for race and show bikes. We like to go the extra mile for riders, but it does take extra time and custom work impacts production.
We have been offering the MIL discount to you active mil personnel for several years now. We do this to honor our Military because of my families history of serving our nation in every war from the Civil war up to present day.
We now offer a 10 percent discount for US military military, this includes all that have served.
I do have one question for our Military leaders....You took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to protect our Country from enemies both foreign & domestic. So why are you letting politicians change or negate our Constitution? They are your enemies as well as enemies of US citizens.
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